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How to do a Liberty in Cheerleading

The Liberty (Lib) is the first body position that flyers should learn. Learning how to properly execute a liberty will allow a flyer/top-girl to gain the confidence for one-legged stunts. Of course, balance, properly engaging muscles, and flexibility allow for ease of skills, though, the most important aspect of body positions is consistency of technique. Consistency allows bases in a stunt group to learn their flyer’s style in the air. This is the reason that switching stunt groups can be difficult for some flyers. By properly learning body positions and the technique needed for those positions, flyers will be comfortable in any situation. For this reason, the liberty is the most important body position to learn.

In cheerleading, body positions are performed on a “base” leg while executing the position with the “pulled” leg. The base leg is always locked out. Locking the base leg means that the flyer has engaged the muscles in a way to stabilize their balance and weight distribution. Any movement underneath the flyer should not affect the locking out of the base leg. Conditioning these muscles will allow the flyer more control. The “pulled” leg will lift to a 90-degree angle, while keeping the toe pointed and placed beside the “base” knee. Many flyers will try to tuck their “pulled” foot behind the “base” knee. The “pulled” foot should not be touching the “base” knee. While pulling body positions, another important thing to remember is the angle of the hips. When lifting the “pulled” leg, a flyer will naturally begin to move hips. It is important to always keep hips parallel to the ground below the stunt group. By keeping hips parallel to the ground, body positions can be executed without having to adjust for balance below.

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