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INTRODUCING…The newest, and most effective TRAINING product to hit the CHEER WORLDEVER!!! The Stunt Trainer’s innovative balance technology challenges your flyer in every way.



Want to know how to become a better cheerleader? Start with the Stunt Trainer®️


The Stunt Trainer® is changing the way flyers practice their skills. STOP training on a product that doesn’t challenge your cheerleader. The most common flyer training devices are stationary. Our goal is to change that. Why Stunt Trainer? Because we are training flyers to control their body positions on a product that mimics the instability or movement of a stunt group.


I bet your daughter can pull body positions beautifully on stationary stunt stands, but the second she’s in the air, the wobbling begins. This is usually due to a combination of mistakes. It’s because we continue to have our flyers practice their body positions on stationary devices. This doesn’t train the muscles necessary for your flyer to correct for the instability of her bases. Get her on a Stunt Trainer®️ immediately!


Our product design features a flashy platform that is balanced on a rounded base. This design gives your flyer the ability to correct her technique if she is ‘heeling’, ‘toeing’ or ‘hipping’. It is understandably frustrating to see your cheerleader with “perfect” form on one of her stationary stunt stands and then see a completely different image when she is above a stunt group. Is it starting to make sense? The Stunt Trainer®️ targets necessary flyer muscle groups!




By using the Stunt Trainer to TRAIN flyer techniques and skills, every flyer will be ready to HIT zero at competition and WIN the trophy.


FLYER TESTED, CHEER MOM APPROVED – There’s no question about it…Every cheerleader agrees that the Stunt Trainer®️ is the “best product” to practice flyer skills and conditioning for every aspect of stunting. Design ideas were APPROVED by flyers and cheer moms.


COACH SATISFACTION GUARANTEED – Impress your coaches by developing the flyer skills to help you HIT ZERO! For the price of less than one private lesson, your cheerleader will have access to their own personal Stunt Trainer. Every cheer coach agrees that athletes must put in the work outside of the gym. From at-home workouts, to practicing a stunt sequence, this product is sure to satisfy your coaches. 


Wondering how to become a point or center flyer?




FOR EVERY LEVEL OF FLYER ABILITIES – Whether you are a beginner flyer or competing on a World’s Team, the Stunt Trainer®️ is made for you! This product grows with your cheerleader. From learning how to properly execute a liberty, to easily pulling a needle, the Stunt Trainer®️ is certain to challenge your cheerleader.


TRAIN NECESSARY MUSCLE GROUPS FOR FLYERS – Use the product in different ways to condition muscle groups necessary for your flyer. These muscle groups include ankles, calves, legs, hip flexors, core, shoulders, and arms. For more information, videos, and tutorials on how to use this product in other ways, find us on social media or check out our webpage.


MULTIPLE USES – The Stunt Trainer is NOT ONLY FOR FLYERS pulling body positions. Our product has MULTIPLE USES that include: calisthenics, conditioning, fitness training, and of course…FLYER TRAINING.


REGISTERED DESIGN – The registered design of the Stunt Trainer has been ergonomically crafted to work for every level of flyer abilities. From beginners to champions, each cheerleader’s BALANCE, STRENGTH, and CONTROL will be challenged. The instability of the Stunt Trainer allows the flyer to practice body control in a safe manner.


100% Results Guaranteed – If your cheerleader uses their Stunt Trainer to correctly drill and train flyer techniques and body positions, you will see your flyer SHINE bright when it counts. 30-Day Money-Back GuaranteedNO RISKS.


What’s in your cheer bag?


Cheer Shoes. Bow. STUNT TRAINER®️!


COMPACT DESIGN – The Stunt Trainer’s compact design of 10.5” x 8.5” x 2” (L x W x H) ensures easy storage and travel for your cheerleader. Our product’s lightweight design is nearly 10 lbs. lighter than other cheerleader training devices.


PRACTICE ANYWHERE – Unlike OTHER flyer training devices, the Stunt Trainer®️ allows your cheerleader to practice anywhere. The lightweight and sleek product design can be clipped on a cheer bag for easy travel to practice and competitions. From home to the gym, and back again, the Stunt Trainer®️ goes…wherever you go.


EASILY ATTACH TO YOUR CHEER BAG - One feature that makes this product so special is the ability to attach the product to your cheer bag for travel. Taking your Stunt Trainer with you to practice is easier than ever. JUST CLIP IT ON, AND GO! From home, to practice and back, ALWAYS keep your Stunt Trainer®️ easily accessible.


What sets Stunt Trainer®️ apart from your typical cheerleading stands? Our product is CHEER PERFECTION!


BEAUTIFULLY, EYE-CATCHING DESIGN – There is no doubt that having this product will make you the envy of every athlete on your team. The holographic glitter won’t crack or transfer from the product. The Stunt Trainer®️ was designed to stand out in a world full of sequins, rhinestones, and glitter. We think we succeeded!


NO MORE LOSING PARTS OF YOUR TRAINING DEVICE – Unlike other cheerleading stunt-training devices, our product has only ONE COMPONENT. No more having to search all over for the attachments to your training device. The Stunt Trainer®️ is sure to stay in one piece. You’ll never have only half of your product ever again.


1/5 THE PRICE OF COMPARABLE PRODUCTS – STOP paying ridiculous prices for training devices that don’t train for instability in the air. While other stunt-training devices are being marketed for upwards of $250, the Stunt Trainer®️ can be yours for ONLY $99


KEEP YOUR FLYER SAFE – These are the most important girls on your team, so we prefer to keep them safe. Stop putting your cheerleaders in danger by making them pull body positions two feet above the ground. No more twisted or rolled ankles from falling off stationary stunt devices. Our product is ONLY 2 INCHES HIGH with a side developed to catch the ground before the flyer can injure herself.


Are you looking for more videos, tutorials, and instructional videos for your cheerleader?


CHEER TUTORIALS AND ONLINE INSTRUCTION - We are here to answer all of your questions about cheerleading. From stretching to tryouts, and body positions to choreography tips, Stunt Trainer®️ has the answers for your cheerleader. Check out our website for updated content to help your flyer learn everything she needs to know about cheerleading.


What are you waiting for?


TRAIN. HIT. WIN. with Stunt Trainer®️

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