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Meet Addison..AKA Best Cheer Sister

Meet Addison..AKA Best Cheer Sister

I remember my first CHEER COMPETITION like it was yesterday. The bright lights, the loud music, the amazing energy!!!


I was only five or six years old at the time, and the crowd went wild when the team HIT ZERO. I don’t even think I knew what hitting zero meant, but I knew it was a good thing. HAHA.


It was an EPIC moment. I had no idea that cheerleading could give you such a rush. #hooked


I realized, in that moment, why cheerleading was going to be in my life FOREVER




So, I bet you’re thinking that I’m about to go into this long story about my first time competing…




That’s because I’m NOT a cheerleader…I’m a CHEER SISTERand a good one too!


My older sister, Ava, has been cheerleading for the past six years, and I can say that I have mastered the art of being a good cheer sibling.


I honestly might be the #GOAT


I go to EVERY. SINGLE. COMPETITION. But don’t worry, I’m not complaining. #dippindots


Over the years, I’ve been to countless cheer competitions and football games to watch Ava cheer. I’ve seen her grow as an athlete and competitor.


Cheerleading is TOUGH. This is why I respect the sport so much. I can relate to the physical and mental aspects of the sport, because of my own experience with soccer.


So let’s talk a little about me. FINALLY!!!


For as long as I can remember, I’ve been playing competitive soccer around the Southeast, and in the last year, began playing for my middle school team. Yep…I made the team in sixth grade! #humble


My sister and I both put in a ridiculous amount of time training for our sports. We are both competitors who believe in putting in the HARDWORK.


Finding out that me and Ava would be involved with starting and running Stunt Trainer was beyond exciting.


I know that by being a soccer player people may think, “Why is she involved with a cheerleading product?”


Let’s go back a little further and explain some things.


I have always been a little CEO at heart. I’ve run a “successful” business. Business should be in quotes too…LOL. I’ve walked dogs, ran lemonade stands, etc.


BOTH of my parents have run successful companies, so I feel like it runs in the blood.


Basically, I was born an ENTREPRENEUR. Ava was born a CHEERLEADER.


Haha! Just kidding…we’re both entrepreneurs.


Me and Ava have both been involved in the original development of Stunt Trainer, including marketing, social media, and business start-up.


Because of my knowledge and passion for social media, I am running the Snapchat and TikTok for Stunt Trainer. #streaks #fyp


I’ve also been able to use some of my video editing talents on the YouTube and Instagram pages.


I absolutely love being in front of the camera, so don’t be surprised when you see me in Stunt Trainer promotions.


I’ve had so much fun doing photoshoots with our company. Me, Ava and Coach Nick always have the best time.


If you haven’t already, go Follow Us and keep up with my journey. PEACE OUT!





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