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Bow-and-Arrow (Overstretch)


After perfecting the front and heel-stretches, the next progression of body positions in cheerleading is the Bow-and-Arrow. Also known as the Overstretch, this body position is performed by gripping the “pulled” leg with the opposite hand directly by the head of the flyer. With the leg straight and toes pointed, the flyer will open their chest and reach their “pulled” arm through the “pulled” leg. The body position should look much like an archery bow and arrow. The only way to truly execute this body position is to have amazing flexibility in the “pulled” leg. Many times, if a flyer is not flexible enough for this skill, the leg will begin to pull their chest to the side. It’s extremely important to keep the chest open and in a straight line. Any variation of the chest off of the center line of balance will cause the stunt group to re-correct. As a flyer, it’s paramount to maintain that center of balance for the bases.

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