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Meet the Cheer Mom and Cheer Dad behind Stunt Trainer®

Meet the Cheer Mom and Cheer Dad behind Stunt Trainer®

 I remember it like it was yesterday....

My husband and I had just arrived at the Georgia World Congress center for my daughter's first all star cheer competition. We got our wristbands and made our way down the escalator to Hall B. Ava had been begging us to let her do all star cheer for years and after 8 months of practicing and countless hours at the gym, it was time for her to shine at Cheersport. We got off the escalator and turned the corner. 

"Omg, it's like a whole world we never even knew existed" 

Crowds of screaming cheer parents, flashing lights and a world of glitter and sparkle that we never knew existed. 

We waited with butterflies until we heard the word's every cheer parent knows...."In the hole"...

EKKKKK...She was up next!

We ran like a heard of wild horses trying to get the perfect spot to watch our pretty little flyer. They announced her team, they took the stage and we screamed our heads off for 2 minutes and 34 seconds. She looked amazing up there on stage, tumbling, flipping, and flying with a passion we never knew she had. It became instantly clear that cheerleading for Ava was way more than a new sport, it was going to be a new way of life for her....and us. 

And just like that a cheer mom and a cheer dad were born.

Now if you are a fellow cheer mom or cheer dad...

And I'm guessing you are if you are reading this right now. You know that all star cheer is more than just a sport. It is a major commitment for not only the athletes but their parents and family. You have to be committed to spending countless hours in the gym, traveling around the country to compete and buying more bling and cheer t-shirts than you ever knew existed. 

Your child will spend 9 months conditioning, working, stunting, and running full outs just to leave it all on the mat with a 2 minutes and 34 second performance that you will watch while having heart palpitations and screaming like someone is trying to kidnap you.

It's experience that not everyone understands...

But cheer parents do. 

A whole year of hard work and a coveted title can be won or lost in just 2 minutes and 34 seconds. No redos, no excuses, no fear. One bobble, one fall, one mistake can make or break an entire cheer season.

And...if your daughter is a flyer(like ours is)...the pressure is real.

Every team member plays a super important part on a cheer team but those flyers...when they fall...everybody gasps. And most cheer moms of flyers pray the entire time their daughter's are on stage that she doesn't fall. They pray she hits because if she doesn't, it could cost the team a title they have worked so hard for. 

Each year is different...

As she has climbed levels she has had different bases, different stunt groups and different spots. The higher the level the harder the stunt and the harder the fall. She puts the time in at the gym and some years it just works. Her stunt group hits consistently and performance at their highest potential. 

And then other years...

There are injuries, there are changes in the stunt group, there are bases that can't quite grasp the skill. She falls, she gets hurt, her confidence takes a hit and the frustration builds. 

And then cheer mom and cheer dad step in...

We try to boost her confidence by perfecting skills with private lessons.

She nails it, she hits, she's happy. 

She goes back to her stunt group and the cycle starts all over. She falls, she gets hurt, her confidence takes a hit. 

And we ask ourselves, why isn't she hitting with her stunt group when she hits with no problem at private lessons???

The answer is simple, most private lessons are done with cheer coaches. Cheer coaches who clearly know how to stunt at a much higher level than your athlete's normal stunt group. They are stronger, more experienced and make stunting way too easy on the flyer. 

So how do you get your flyer to hit no matter what?

She has to experience instability to develop her own muscle memory so she can hit regardless what is going on under her. 

And thus the Stunt Trainer was born...

The original “stunt trainer” was born on a rainy day in Georgia when Ava first started cheer and needed something to help her learn balance and pull body positions. Her mom, dad and grandpa took a trip to Home Depot and built the first one. Flash forward 5 years later and a pandemic left some extra time to make the original Stunt Trainer a real product that we could bring to other cheerleaders. So, a cheer mom, a cheer dad, and our pretty little flyer ventured out to Home Depot during a pandemic and built a cheerleading stunt device in a garage filled with wood, tools and of course a TON of glitter. 

The goal was to develop a stunt trainer that would train a flyer's muscle memory by simulating instability so that they "learn" to consistently "fix" their form and hit their stunts. 

Unlike other flyer training devices, the Stunt Trainer™️ is compact, affordable and accessible for every cheerleader. 

And the best part's cheer mom approved! 

We look forward to helping your athlete...


with Stunt Trainer®️


Ashley Jernigan and Jay Jernigan, Cofounders of Stunt Trainer®️









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